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PostPosted: 2015-10-20 15:35:40 

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For the love of God! Revise it in newer versions !!

to not wanting the "Injection" is equal to "Razor", but the "Injection" ta losing badly in some very simple questions. !!

. The "UO.EmptyContainer" function "Injection" can not overcome the "Organizer" speed is the "Razor" has in some servers!

. The "Injection" ta losing badly in a matter of Target's function, we will improve it ne guys !!
currently the "Injection" can not send destination after it appears in the Client!
Tip: Add the following functions >> uo.selecttarget ('self') or uo.selecttarget ('lasttarget'), uo.selecttarget('ground','x','y','z') etc etc ...

it seems that over time the "Injection" is losing legal functions !!

Another suggestion, if not there is any such function. would add a memory function to erase the "Inection" functions "UO.LastGump".

this link have a condition (IF) it will only be executed if the UO.LastGump ('text', 0) is equal to 'text'. the problem is that after the first time is true. It will be true to change the gump information from 'UO.LastGump ". it hinders enough!

Well for now so I have to report this !! If wrong with something, excuse me! thanks for listening.

По от Божьей любви! Пересмотреть его в более новых версиях !!

не желая "Injection" равен "Razor", но "Injection" Та проигрывает в некоторых очень простых вопросов. !!

, К "UO.EmptyContainer" функция "Injection" не может преодолеть скорость "Organizer" является "Razor" имеет в некоторых серверах!

, "Injection" та проигрывает в считанные функции цели, мы будем улучшать это NE ребята !!
в настоящее время "Injection" не может отправить назначения после того, как появится в клиенте!
Совет: Добавьте следующие функции >> uo.selecttarget ('self') или uo.selecttarget ('lasttarget'), uo.selecttarget('ground','x','y','z') и т.д. и т.п. ...

кажется, что с течением времени "Injection" теряет правовые функции !!

Еще одно предложение, если не существует такая функция. хотел бы добавить функцию памяти, чтобы удалить функции "Injection" "UO.LastGump".

эта связь есть условие (IF), то будет выполняться только если UO.LastGump ('текст', 0) равен "текст". проблема в том, что после того, как в первый раз верно. Это будет справедливо, чтобы изменить информацию о Гамп из "UO.LastGump". это мешает достаточно!

Ну а пока, поэтому я должен сообщить об этом !! Если неправильно с чем-то, извините! Спасибо за внимание.

Pelo Amor De Deus! Revejam isso nas novas versões!!

não to querendo que o "Injection" seja igual ao "Razor", mas o "Injection" ta perdendo feio em algumas questões muito simples.!!

. A função "UO.EmptyContainer" do "Injection" não consegue superar a velocidade que a função "Organizer" do "Razor" possui em alguns servidores!

. O "Injection" ta perdendo feio em questão de função de Target's, vamos melhorar isso ne pessoal!!
atualmente o "Injection" não consegue enviar destino depois que ele aparece no Client!
Sugestão: adicionar as seguintes funções >> uo.selecttarget('self') or uo.selecttarget('lasttarget') , uo.selecttarget('ground','x','y','z') etc etc...

parece que com o passar do tempo o "Injection" esta perdendo funções legais!!

outra sugestão, caso ainda não exista alguma função desse tipo. seria adicionar uma função que apagasse da memoria do "Injection" as funções "UO.LastGump".

nesse link tenho uma condição (IF) que ela so ira ser executada se o UO.LastGump('text',0) for igual a 'text'. o problema é que depois que a primeira vez for verdadeira. vai ser verdadeiro até mudar as informações do gump do "UO.LastGump". isso atrapalha bastante!

Bem por enquanto so tenho isso a relatar!! Caso esteja errado com algo, me desculpem! obrigado pela atenção.

PostPosted: 2015-10-20 19:38:34 
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Thank you, sir Overflow, for your time and effort to leave the feedback.
I think your concerns are mostly well placed.
However, down to details:

1. UO.EmptyContainer speed issue - requires actual checking on actual server. Since I am not currently developing Injection, hope other developers might look into it.

2. Loosing badly to Razor/EasyUO/UOAssist in target function: well, the sad truth is it cannot be helped. I will try to explain.
Razor/EasyUO/UOAssist works like a doll master, pulling string of a puppet - UO Client. It knows which string to pull so client with press target.
Injection works like space suit - it cannot force astronaut/client to exhale if he already inhaled without adverse consequences. However, it can reroute inbound air so it will never reach astronaut, but it has to be prepared first (waittarget* functions), so when air is inbound it is rerouted.
If astronaut already inhaled, and somehow you need to exhale air commanded from external source, well you can imitate exhale with another portion of air (target function), but astronaut still holding some air and will exhale it anyway later, causing side effects.

In order to work like a doll master, client has to be properly hacked/inspected/analyzed to find places to attach strings of control. Alas each time client changing, it could require re-analyze it again because points tend to swing.
On the other hand space suit fits, more or less, all sizes, all you need is to keep client inside breathing and translate arm movements to suit movements.
Hope this analogy amused you a little.

3. Legal functions? Not sure what do you mean.

4. LastGump improvents - rerouting this to current developers. I know this function is troublesome because too much functionality tried to be covered in relatively small interface.

Resuming, this doesn't helps, but hope you feel better )

PostPosted: 2015-10-21 21:35:10 

Joined: 2015-03-16 05:10:26
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     Thank you for the explanation!
I hope the "Injection" improve more and more their duties !!

Someone could analyze the "UO.EmptyContainer" in the country that game!

as the "Organizer" from the "Razor" is good but fast movements that the "UO.EmptyContainer" the "Injection"

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