Grab fallen ammunition
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Author:  Hypermangan [ 2016-04-17 17:10:19 ]
Post subject:  Grab fallen ammunition


I am playing on very old sphere 0.99za. There is a problem with fallen ammunition. This sphere is somehow buggy in handling fallen ammunition and new versions of injection are not able to grab some of this ammunition because these don't exist any more in object collection. In my opinion si it so bacause the sphere sends destroy packet for this ammo in some cases before. For example if a NPC have arrow in it and you shoot another one which is dropped, all arrows of this NPC are dropped but only the last time shooted arrow exist in injection.

Inconceivably old versions of injection don't have problem with it and are able to grab all ammunition from the ground.

There are packets sent by sphere.
Packet id: 0x1D [Destroy Object] 5 bytes:
1D 40 04 1E A1

Packet id: 0x25 [Object to Object] 20 bytes:
25 40 04 1E A1 1B FB 00 00 02 00 62 00 63 40 05 14 71 00 00

Packet id: 0x25 [Object to Object] 20 bytes:
25 40 04 1E A1 1B FB 00 00 02 00 39 00 6E 40 04 1A C4 00 00

Please can someone explain why is old injection despite of this able to grab it unlike new one? Is it so because earlier injection versions deleted items immediately after 0x1D packet came and newer one store these informations and later do some cleansing precedure?

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