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PostPosted: 2007-05-17 07:07:37 

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Hi everybody...

Sorry, I don't have a clue about how to speak Russian, only English/Portuguese, so I'm gonna use English here.


I've been scripting for injection for some time, and when I learned, I was playing in a Sphere server, now that I'm playing in a RunUO server, and I really didn't want to use Razor or any other of these shits... I have some problems adapting my old injection for Sphere scripts for this new server. Here I go with some questions:

1st: In Sphere, I used to set the target first, and then cast, and in RunUO one need to set the target, cast, and then after you target. How can I do that with injection? I was thinking in doing it with the old MACROS tab inside UO, but I wanted to use the wheel of my mouse to use last target, but UO doesn't recognize that.

2nd: Do I really have to use that table for special moves?

00 or off - disable special move
01 or armo - Armor Ignore
02 or blee - Bleed Attack
03 or conc - Concussion Blow
04 or crus - Crushing Blow
05 or disa - Disarm
06 or dism - Dismount
07 or doub - Double Strike
08 or infe - Infectius Strike
09 or mort - Mortal Strike
10 or movi - Moving Shot
11 or para - Paralyzing Blow
12 or shad - Shadow Strike
13 or whir - Whirlwind Attack

I mean... if I change my weapon, do I have to remake my binds? Otherwise will I have to make a macro just to recognize the weapon in my hands, and remake my bind automatically? Is there any manner that I'd just use "specmove primary" or "specmove secondary"? If not, I'd be much easier to use "PrimaryAbility" and "SecondaryAbility" in game using the macros tab.

And another thing: it's not recognizing my uo.injournal('xxx') commands... the loop's never ending.

Well, those're what I think the most problematic ones... if anyone can solve or help me solve these problems, I'd really grateful... :D

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PostPosted: 2007-05-19 05:02:31 

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No answers? :(

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PostPosted: 2007-06-10 16:22:42 

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i found the same problem with injournal n i'm interessed a bit just for learning on the other problem, so

up up up :|

In life there's 10 types of pople, one who know the binary numerical system n the one who doesn't...

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PostPosted: 2008-10-16 15:18:56 

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I bound 2 keys primary & secondary. I was after concussion from a hally & a xbow. both weps used the different buttons (xbow was primary & the hally was secondary for concussion). My take on this was to search for the hally and if it was there to use primary, if not the xbow would be there & it was to use secondary... to check if used because this could be bypassed since it was bound to keys to use the other abilities it woould look for system messages. if the other abilities would be used then you would have to use the script's to kick in the automation again.

system messages in runuo: use the command ,set cliloc 1 ( 1 is on 0 is off) this will give you hex values for each & any journal line in which you use these instead - they will appear in your journal above each line)

my example script:
sub autocon()
while not uo.dead()
if uo.mana>=15 then ; check for mana ( I had some lmc on )
uo.findtype('0x143E',-1,'self') ; search for an equip'd hally
if uo.findcount() then
uo.press(115) ; F4 key secondary
uo.press(114) ; F3 key primary
until uo.injournal('cliloc# 0x2D45|cliloc# 0x2D41|cliloc# 0x2D55') ; fail/success messages for concussion
deletejournal('cliloc# 0x2D45|cliloc# 0x2D41|cliloc# 0x2D55')

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PostPosted: 2008-10-20 05:56:22 

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Several scripts for examples here: viewtopic.php?t=12599

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